St Augustine's School

Photograph thanks to James Corbett

The school on Dyson Street, Barnsley was built around 1866-7 at a cost of £800 under the incumbancy of the Rev. Clement Francis Cobb, vicar of St George's Church, Barnsley.

It was later called St Augustine's school after the death of Harriet Augusta Wentworth of Wentworth Castle who was a generous contributor to the school. It provided accomodation for around 150 junior girls and infants.  

The Head Mistresses of the school were:

1867-1879 Miss C. Ashworth.

1879-1884 Miss Walker who left to marry the Rev. E. Tankard of Sheffield in 1884

1884-1898 Miss Jessie Jane Ryder

1898 onwards Miss Frances Ellen Mitchell.

On 25th March 1903 St Augustine's Schools were transferred from Dr J S Lawson of St George's Parish to Rev. Henry Mitchell, vicar of St Edward's.

On 31st December 1904 Mr E. G. Lancaster paid St George's £50 in respect of the teacher's house on the closing with St George's

Information from "St George's Church, Barnsley. Retrospect 1821-1912"  by Benjamin Turner. 

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